Friday, September 18, 2015

Duke City Fitness & Wellness

-Life Coaching
(optimization of life in all aspects - social, mental, psychological, spiritual and physical)

-Functional Personal Training
(exercise prescription designed for your personal needs) 

 -Fitness Needs Analysis 

-Professional Vitamin / Mineral Analysis
(a healthy diet will improve the body’s ability to best process your medical cannabis intake in all forms)

-Group Fitness & Outdoor Fitness
-Online Patient Support 
-Alternative / Holistic Health 

Jason Barker

If you are looking for a personal trainer that will give you true personal motivation and professional guidance, then you found just the right place!Total Fitness is the state reached through the optimization of life in all aspects - social, mental, psychological, spiritual and physical. This dynamic condition strives for a positive health base and has goals based on performance to improve function. Functional capacity, the ability to perform work, is the foundation of physical fitness and must be developed first along with moderate to intense activity on 3-6 days of the week for 30 to 60 minutes of continuous movement for health improvement goals. The components to achieve physical fitness are cardiorespiratory function, leanness (body composition), muscular strength & muscular endurance, nutrition, and flexibility. Duke City Fitness & Wellness, will provide you with a complete fitness and nutritional assessment to get your functional training started right by developing a customize training plan specific to you and goals to achieve you own Total Fitness. This will be done with one on one personal training & life coaching to place a strong focus on correct form and movement for all exercises. 

Firstly, good form is essential, whether you are lifting weights, stretching, performing bodyweight exercises or practicing sports.
“Above all, never cheat on any exercise; use the amount of weight that you can handle without undue strain.” – Bruce Lee

About Jason: 
Exercise Specialist Certificate for Personal Training / Life Coaching / Sport Nutrition 
International Mountain Bike Association- National Mountain Bike Patrol
USA Cycling Coach
Bike Patrol-Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization; Columbus, OH — 2005 -2010 
Bike Patrol-IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol; Lee County, FL —2007-2008
Youth Cycling Coach-Savage Hill Cycling Team; Westerville, OH — 2004-2005
• Isle of Palms Police Dept. - Beach Patrol — 1997
• Open Water Rescue Professional / Beach Patrol / EMT ; Hilton Head Is., SC 1994-1997

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH— School of Physical Activity & Educational Services, Exercise Science Major—2010-2011
Columbus State, Columbus, OH — Exercise Specialist Certificate — Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society —2009-2010
College of Charleston, Charleston, SC — Political Science —1996
Dublin Coffman High School, Dublin, OH — 1990-1994

*10% of Seniors & Veteran

*10% of all profits are donated to a PTSD Charity

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