Sunday, October 2, 2016

Meeting: Tuesday, October 4th 2016 6:30-8:30 PM

LECUA Patients Coalition of New Mexico    
Meeting: Tuesday, October 4th 2016
6:30-8:30 PM

At: North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center

Guest Speakers & Agenda :  MCP Petition Workshop

•Guests : Anita Briscoe, APRN-BC
Sarah Miles Dolk

  • Meeting focus will mainly be on what's required in preparing a petition & what can be petitioned for in the Medical Cannabis Program

  1. LECUA Patients Coalition Of New Mexico Policy & Reform Goals :
    1. Ensuring safe access to all areas of the the state and proper administering of the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, by the New Mexico State Department of Health.  
      1. Added involvement of additional New Mexico state departments or agencies.
        1. Dept. of Agriculture & Licensing and Taxation Departments
        2. Medical Cannabis Advisory made to have final authority of LECUA, 2007, and removing the Secretary of Dept. of Health as sole authority.
      2. Role and Duties of State Departments & Agencies defined clearly
    2. Adequate supply of medical cannabis properly structured and increased.
      1. Maximum quantity of usable cannabis increased to 425.243 grams per 3 months ( 2.5 ounces every two weeks ).                  
      2. Inclusion of empirical data for varying amounts cannabis plant material needed to manufacture different forms of medical cannabis medicine.        
    3. Revisions to licensing requirements for MCP LNPP’s
      1. Plant count for patients & producers properly structured and increased.
      2. Cannabis CBD strains at ratio of;  1.5 thc  (or lower) : 1 cbd (or higher) not counted against patient/caregiver or LNPP allowable plant count.
      3. Clones and Cuttings provided to qualified patient / caregiver with a PPL by a LNPP’s not counted against LNPP allowable plant count.
      4. Plant Count that is based on ratio of patients to serve AND inclusion of empirical data for varying amounts cannabis plant material needed to manufacture different forms of medical cannabis medicine.  
        1. Patient / Caregiver PPL plant count increased to allow for 6 immature seedlings /clones / cuttings, 6 plants in vegetative stage, and 6 plants in flowering stage for total of 18 cannabis plants.
        2. The addition of Cooperative/Collective PPL’s
        3. LNPP Plant Count maximum ratio of 3 cannabis plants per enrolled patient. Based on yearly program totals. Thus; 30,000 patients x 3 cannabis plants  = 90,000 cannabis plants / 35 LNPP = 2,571.43 max allowable cannabis plants per LNPP. ( Minimum standard set by MCAB )       
      5. Licensing fee structure changed and lowered.
      6. Licensure Limit Established: LNPP 1 Grow Location : 3 Store Fronts
      7. Time Period for new producers to open; 90 days Expected / Letter sent given final 45 days before forfeiture of license.
      8. Certification and/or medical standards established for dispensary staff.
    4. Proper administering of LECUA protections - Section 4.
      Section 4 of the Law: Exemptions from Criminal and Civil Penalties for the Medical Use of Cannabis.  This aspect has been greatly neglected for the Parents as Patients in the program, who have children. And the many concerns and fears they have that have not been addressed by the Department of Health.
    5. Increasing the types of qualifying health conditions in the State’s Medical Cannabis Program to ensure safe access for one’s own health and well being.
    6. Removal of: L Maximum Concentration of THC in Concentrates
    7. Removal of the 2015 change to PPL Application to be compliant with HIPPA and the intent of the LECUA
    8. Presumptive eligibility and once a patient is accepted into the program,  registry and PPL identification cards should be set at a 3 - 5 yr renewal basis. The Department can then do yearly address verification by mail all while maintaining safe access to medical cannabis.
      1. Recognition of nonresident medical cannabis cards.

  1. Advise, Inform,  Educate the Department of Health and INCREASE MEMBERSHIP of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board. I think it is clear the Department of Health needs to be directed by lawmakers to update the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, to consist of 12 members to be appointed by the Director and reviewed by this Committee. A quorum of the advisory board shall consist 6 members.
  2. Advocate for House Bill 466 to be brought back ( D. Armstrong in 2015 ) to provide for medical cannabis research, medical cannabis research board, & medical cannabis research fund. ( For the MCP )
  3. Proper decriminalization & legalization of cannabis in the State of New Mexico by providing education and information through scientific research and medical research to State Legislators & Agencies with an active hand in writing legislation that protects & benefits the Medical Program.
  4. Revised process for Petitioning the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board and the Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program; the DoH announces meeting 35 days before the meeting and requires that a petition be turned in 30 days before the meeting. This is clearly designed to prevent residents of the state from having adequate time to complete the petition requirements.

Lynn & Erin Compassionate Use Act Patient’s Coalition of New Mexico ~ A GrassRoots Movement!

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